Thursday, March 12, 2020

Stand Out Online to Land the Job

Stand Out Online to Land the Job Stand Out Online to Land the JobBy Denene Brox, for Yahoo HotJobsAs a job seeker in the electronic age, its important to be savvy when it comes to verbunden tools that will help you land your next job.Online and traditional off-line resumes share some similarities. Both serve to show potential employers why you are the best candidate for the job.The content of online and offline resumes is basically the same, says Hannah Seligson, author of New Girl on the Job Advice from the Trenches. But its even more important that your online resume stand out. With an online resume, you are dealing with a critical mass, as opposed to an offline resume that is usually handed to a personal contact.So what can you do to ensure that your online resume will impress employers? Here are some dos and donts for creating a winning online resume.Do Make Your Online Resume Keyword-RichMeg Montford, of the career coaching firm Abilities Enhanced, says that keywords are vital f or online resumes. Montford suggests searching through industry job postingsto find common terms, and make sure those words are in your resume. Montford also advises job seekers to spell out acronyms to increase hits to your resume.Lindsey Pollak, author of Getting from College to Career 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World, agrees. Since a computer will be scanning your resume before a human being ever sees it, you need to speak in a language a computer can understand, she says.Dont EmbellishJust because youre posting a resume online doesnt mean its OK to embellish your qualifications.Dont overinflate what youve done, cautions Seligson. Theres a funny scenario where a vice president of the company, who is doing the hiring for an entry-level position, reads the job applicants resume and says (sarcastically), Wow, sounds like youve already had my job. It doesnt seem like you need to start at entry-level. Its better to say less and have it accurately reflect what you did in previous jobs than to overinflate -- something most hiring managers can see right through.Do Be PositiveMany disgruntled employees have been fired for airing their frustrations about their jobs online for the entire world to read. Montford warns that its important bedrngnis to accumulate digital dirt that could cost you your current and future jobs. Keep your online identity positive, Montford says. Recruiters and companies go to the Web first to screen candidates, so its vital to have a positive presence.Dont Overlook the Power of the Web to Sell YourselfThere are numerous options available on the Internet for promoting yourself to employers. Dont overlook blogs and your own resume Web site as unique ways to reach out to potential employers.Every job seeker should have a blog and a keyword-rich resume on their own Web site, says Montford. You can blog about your industry and comment on articles and issues related to your field. Just remember to keep your comments positive.Do Be Cau tiousFinally, realize that your current employer could be privy to your job search when using online resumes. Keeping a low online profile while employed may be your safest bet.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Rumors, Lies and Resume Writing Size of Font

Rumors, Lies and Resume Writing Size of Font Resume Writing Size of Font Options By way of example, computer programming skills like proficiency in SQL and Python are a lot more focused than soft skills. The format needs to be easy and plain. Sans-serif fonts dont have the lines at the conclusion of each stroke. An 11-point or larger font is advised for readability. It is critical that your deckblatt letter fits on a single page, so choose a size 10 or 11 font if its spilling on a second page. The duration of your cover letter isnt the major point. So you should be positive that so-called character of the font will match the goal of your text. The font you select for your cover letter ought to be highly readable, professional and clean. The Secret to Resume Writing Size of Font The Chronological format is an excellent alternative for you in case you have work experience in only a single field. If you get a massive font, it is going to look as if you are working to fill up space on the webpage, and you probably are. Employing an obvious font in addition to size is a great way to showcase your professionalism. Adjusting the font just one-tenth of a point can produce the text fill out the remainder of a page or keep it from spilling over into the subsequent one. Ideally, the body text ought to be between 10 and 12 points (based on how much content youve got and the specific font youve chosen). Make certain you are employing the normal font size which is11 in almost all the text editors. In most instances, employing an easy, professional font is excellent. You have many choices when it comes to selecting a font size and fashion. Deciding upon the proper font, the appropriate format, and the right font size is equally as critical as the set of skills youre going to pitch to your possible employer. Some resume fonts have to be avoided whatsoever costs. The font ought to be clear and simple to read. It is simply too much for a professional docu ment.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Turning Off the Career Should Haves to Manage Career Regret

Turning Off the Career Should Haves to Manage Career Regret Career stagnation, second guessing, and playing the career-comparisons game are the seeds of job discontent, decreased self-esteem, and career regret especially as the year is beginning its inevitable winding down, job boards are filling up with new jobs, and your friends and professional acquaintances may be moving on to bigger and better careers or going back to school. If you arent progressing alongside of your peers you are probably beginning to feel the unavoidable feelings of regret that accompany career dissatisfaction. Your mind may be filled with thoughts of the should haves that would have (in your mind) made your life more fulfilling and successful. Especially if you are comparing your progress with that of others, thoughts such as, I should have climbed up the ladder by now, I should have picked a different career, and I shoul d have ditched this job already, can nag at you and force you to conclude that your attempts at career progression are pointless thus planting the seeds of anger and resentment that may lead to indifference and resignation. Not only do these feelings affect how you feel about yourself but your loss of motivation and ambition become obvious to others who will become more likely to overlook you for big projects and less likely to approach you in social situations. There is only one way out of this rut, and that is to revolutionize your ways of thinking.The best approach to changing your thinking is to transform the depressing and demotivating should have thoughts into the more inspiring and productive thoughts of what ifs. And you cant do this alone. Youll first need some good friends or trusted colleagues to help you brainstorm, and the added perspectives of people other than yourself can help you see your regrets in a different light. Dont allow your own negative thinking to affect the people you choose to help in this endeavor as the more positive and creative your team is the better the end result will be.Once youve assembled your group of positive thinkers, come up with as many what if questions as you can that are directly related to the cause(s) of your feelings of regret. Examples may include What if I used my skills to work for a cause I feel strongly about? What if I taught others the basics of my field? What if I coached others to improve their own skills?Finally, turn those what-ifs into actionable items. Figure out which of them are worth exploring and considering as eignung replacement career paths. The more excited and energized you feel over a particular possibility, the more you should work on it to make it real. You should find that by simply working towards a goal that you find promising will reinvigorate you and give you a more positive attitude and outlook.No matter when they hit, career regrets can have a devastating effect on your outlook and can create the conditions of a self-fulfilling prophecy where your fears are confirmed by the worlds reaction to your own negativity and sense of futility. But by seeking out some support from the positive people in your life and working to put your career in perspective, you can change your should haves to what ifs and discover new ways to find fulfillment in your career.

Monday, December 30, 2019

How to Assess MS Office Skills

How to Assess MS amtsstube SkillsHow to Assess MS bro SkillsDespite attempts by heavyweights Google and Apple to gain market share, the Microsoft Office suite endures as the most widely used set of desktop applications across industries. They are flexible and easy to use, and they have become a mainstay in every office across the nation. Its no surprise MS Office skills are required for every type of administrative position, from executive assistant at a multinational corporation to receptionist at a property management firm.Tools of the Tradegeschftsleben needs vary, but, in general, the MS Office applications required for most administrative jobs - and why - areOutlook Many admin positions involve scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and creating and maintaining contact and mailing lists.Word For many admins, the most frequent task is composing letters, documents, reports and sales material with this word-processing tool.Excel This program is routinely used in admin jobs to create and maintain expense reports as well as to generate graphs in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.PowerPoint More and more admins are required to use this program to create slideshow presentations for meetings and online absatzwirtschaft content.The level of knowledge needed for each application depends on the job. An admin who will primarily write letters, answer emails and set up meetings doesnt need to be an expert in Excels Pivot tables. On the other hand, someone who will be entering and manipulating numerical data and generating associated reports and graphs should be talented at Excel.Finding an MS WhizAll this means that, when hiring an administrative professional, one of the skills managers must be on the lookout for is MS Office knowledge. But how do you assess a candidates grasp of the suite, especially those programs and applications that are most pertinent to the job? The candidates resume, assessments tests, and the interview are all essential tools i n evaluating a candidates proficiency, but pay attention to the following in particular1. Experience. A candidate who has already performed very similar tasks in another job likely has the skills you need. Ask not only what office applications the candidate used, but also how they were used. warenmuster for examples. Another opportunity to verify the applicants experience level is during the reference stage. As Panicia Stroski, OfficeTeam Division Director in the San Francisco Bay Area, advises, When doing reference checks, ask previous managers what applications the candidate used in previous roles and how they would rate their proficiency level.2. Courses and certifications. Be on the lookout for solid proof of a candidates proficiency. A 101 Excel course at the community college level indicates basic knowledge of the application. A course taught by an e-learning provider that partners directly with Microsoft or one that offers targeted online learning, such as SkillPort, has more credibility. The number of course hours is a good indication of the depth of the course, as is the type of content. Passing the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) test is valid proof that the candidate has been trained in the software using scenarios that closely resemble everyday situations. The MOS Championship, for the highest-scoring certified members, is evidence of expert skill level.3. Testing. In-person computerized assessments validate a candidates MS Office capabilities. There are tests for evaluating basic, intermediate and advanced proficiency in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as assessments that focus on particular features of a program. Several companies provide standard assessments, but make sure you choose a reputable one to ensure scores are meaningful. Tiffany Arcaris, Branch Manager at OfficeTeam in Salt Lake City, and Amy Keitt, Branch Manager at OfficeTeam in Baltimore, say they have been using Proveit to assess candidates with excellent results.4. Assembling a kollektiv. Recruiters specializing in finding administrative talent have the tools and experience to evaluate a candidates MS Office skills because they are familiar with the various training and assessment platforms. An admin staffing professional is able to interpret test scores and evaluate skill levels easily, says Tiffany Arcaris. They also know which questions to ask and where to look for red flags, making them ideal for conducting a thorough screening process.5. Interviewing. Once a shortlist of candidates has been selected, its time to conduct interviews in house. Be sure to include on the interview team any supervisors the new employee would report to because they would know firsthand the conditions and requirements of the job, and which specific features of each MS Office program the candidate needs to know to perform their daily tasks. Amy Keitt encourages her clients to hold working interviews, giving applicants a project to complete on software they will b e expected to use most often. She points out, Many candidates who may not necessarily articulate themselves as well during a traditional interview do much better when evaluated in action. Hands-on testing reveals not only the extent of a candidates skill level, but also how long it takes to complete a task.The continued relevance of Microsoft Office programs ensure their high demand in the administrative work world. Assessing a candidates skill set is easier than ever with a range of tools at any hiring managers disposal. Looking to hire a great admin right away? We can help you find candidates with the MS Office skills you need.Interview administrative candidates right awayIf youre hiring an administrative professional, we can help make the process easier. You can see profiles of skilled administrative candidates in your area using our online database. Tell us who catches your eye, and we can arrange an interview or placement ASAP.Find administrative assistant candidates in Austin, TexasFind executive assistant candidates in Boise, IdahoFind receptionist candidates in Charlotte, N.C.Find executive administrative assistant candidates in Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Calif.Find administrative coordinator candidates in Tucson, Ariz.

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Salesman Uses Excel to Get a Job Hundreds Wanted

Salesman Uses Excel to Get a Job Hundreds WantedSalesman Uses Excel to Get a Job Hundreds WantedBryan Stinson used Excel spreadsheets to organize his professional network and had about 100 people helping him look for a job.Bryan Stinsons approach to the job search wont work for everyone. He is methodical. He is patient. He is slow.When he began his most recent job search, he had a job and the resources to take his time. It took him 18 months to find his next position. He likes to say that he doesnt look for a job he looks for a career path.The question I asked myself when weighing the options welches, Will this company provide me with a career path that I want to be on? This job is going to have to get me my next job. He recognizes that his pace wont work for everyone, but some of his tactics can. The methodical approach he took to networking is a lesson in how to marshal your colleagues and friends to help you find the right job. By his own count, Stinson, a technology salesman from Salt Lake City, had about 100 people helping him find a job. Doing it took discipline.Stinson was working as a salesman for a technology company outside Salt Lake City, when the company was acquired in June 2008. His role changed and he was asked to relocate.I asked myself, If I dont see myself in this role long term, why take on a lot of risk, in a new role, with a new manager? It didnt make a lot of sense.Still, acutely aware of the dismal economy, he wasnt ready to leave his job just yet. He spent much of his week making sales trips and softly vorstellungsgesprching, seeing what was out there, polishing my interview skills and testing my resume to see what response I could get. It was just a casual thing, as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do.He spoke to recruiters about potential positions and joined SalesLadder to investigate openings. But because he was working, he didnt feel the need to jump at every job.Part of my approach came from a conversation I had with my broth er, he said. He told me that for every $10,000 you want to earn, you should invest a month in the job you want to find. The right company, the right pay structure - you dont find that overnight. So I wanted to take my time in coming to a decision.100 people looking for a job for meOnce he decided to leave his employer, Stinson used a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet to compile a list of everyone he knew.I put everyone on that list - friends from Facebook, LinkedIn contacts, neighbors, business partners I had worked with in the past - and it grew very quickly. When you do that, you think, I dont know that many people, but you surprise yourself how many people you know.Stinson then broke the list down into people to call and people to e-mail, and started contacting people.Once someone knew I was on the market, it was like someone else was working for you, he said. I had 100 people looking for a job for me.One of those people was his former boss. By April, when the company he had been working for was restructured, he was reassigned to a new supervisor, but he remained friends with his previous boss. When he made up his spreadsheet, his former boss was at the top of the list.I reached out to him and we had a general discussion, Stinson said. And about four weeks later he called me and asked if I was still looking, because he knew someone who was looking to hire an account manager.The position, with one of the top five software vendors in the country, was for someone to oversee 10 accounts in the Great Salt Lake Valley of Utah.There were hundreds of people applying for this job, but his recommendation was favored very highly. I was one of three people short-listed for the job, he said.Stinson started his new position in December, and hes happily becoming acquainted with people in Utah, he said.Its ironic, he said, that despite living his entire life in Utah, every job Ive had since graduation has required me to travel to some other location to transact busine ss. I know more people professionally in New York and New Jersey than Utah, he said.I knew I needed to build my professional network in my own backyard.After a long, deliberate search, Stinson said his career path is now clear to him.This is a company that cares about its people and their development. The path to management is clear its available. Its what I was looking for when I started this search.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Create a Work Environment That Encourages Engagement

Create a Work Environment That Encourages EngagementCreate a Work Environment That Encourages EngagementDoes your workplace encourage employee engagement? If not it should. Employee engagement can be a powerful factor in your geschftsleben success. Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-generating and employers are more likely to retain them. Employee engagement is not a Human Resources initiative that managers are reminded to do once a year. Its a key strategic initiative that drives employee performance, accomplishment, and continuous improvement all year long. Just like organizations cant create employee empowerment, employee motivation, or employee satisfaction, engagement is up to the employees who make decisions and choices about how involved they want to be at work. Employees make choices relative to their empowerment, motivation, and satisfaction. These choices are not up to you, the employer. What is the employers responsibility, however, is to c reate a culture and an environment that is conducive to employees making the choices that are good for your geschftsleben. And, engaged employees are good for your business. What Produces an Environment Conducive to Engagement? Consider the following if you need your employees to become more engaged and involved in their work Employee engagement must be a business strategy that focuses on finding engaged employees and then, keeping the employee engaged throughout the whole employment relationship.Employee engagement must focus on business results. Employees are most engaged when they are accountable and can see and measure the outcomes of their performance.Employee engagement occurs when the goals of the business are aligned with the employees goals and how the employee spends his or her time. The glue that holds the strategic objectives of the employee and the business together is frequent, effective communication that reaches and informs the employee at the level and practice of his or her job. Engaged employees have the information that they need to understand exactly and precisely how what they do at work every day affects the companys business goals and priorities. These goals and measurements relate to the Human Resources department, but every department should have a set of metrics.Employee engagement thrives when organizations are committed to management and leadership development in performance development plans that are performance-driven and provide clear succession plans. What Makes Organizations Fail at Employee Engagement? If employee engagement is so crucial to an organizations success, why do organizations pursue it so ineffectively? The answer is that incorporating a business strategy such as employee engagement is hard work- work that many employers dont see as affecting their bottom line immediately. Most organizations implement engagement as a program thats ancillary to the actual business. But, by thinking about employee engagement as a planned business strategy- with expected and measured business results- employee engagement becomes possible. With this in mind, employee engagement as a successful business strategy needs effective managers who are committed to Measuring employee performance and holding employees accountable.Providing the communication necessary to align each employees actions with the organizations overall business goals.Pursuing the employee development required to ensure success.Making a commitment (in time, tools, attention, reinforcement, training, etc.) to keeping employees engaged over the long haul because they fundamentally believe no other strategy will produce as much success- for both the business and the employees. Additional Critical Factors The following factors also influence the willingness of employees to stay engaged and contributing Effective recognition and reward system. Theres valuein a recognition system that lets employees know they are truly worthy. Effective rec ognition always involves verbal or written acknowledgment from the employees manager in addition to any physical reward.Frequent feedback.The downside of the standard employee performance appraisal is that it is a one-time deal. Effective performance feedback takes place every day (minimally, weekly) and there should be interaction with the employees manager. Effective feedback focuses on what the employee is doing well and what needs improvement. It is clear and specific and reinforces the actions that the manager wants to see the employee regularly perform. Shared values and guiding principles.Engaged employees thrive in an environment that reinforces their most deeply held values and beliefs. Employees are most successful in an organization in which their personal values are in sync with the organizations stated values and guiding principles.Demonstrated respect, trust, and emotional intelligence.Employees direct supervisors need to demonstrate that they are personally interested in and care about their employees.Positive relationships with coworkers.Engaged employees need to work, not just with nice people, but with coworkers who are equivalently engaged. Coworkers who demonstrate integrity, teamwork, a passion for quality and serving customers, and are passionate about what they do, make for ideal coworkers who help fosteremployee engagement.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

What to Do If Your Job Search Is Making You Depressed

What to Do If Your Job Search Is Making You DepressedWhat to Do If Your Job Search Is Making You DepressedSearching for a job can be challenging and exasperating, but as long as they can see light at the end of the tunnel, many people manage to stay fairly positive about the process.For some job seekers, however, the difficulties of the hunt can push them into depression. Its a mora common problem than you may think, and several factors play into it.A loss of control over ones life can be a primary trigger for depression, especially if a person was in the same job for several years prior to becoming unemployed, according to an article from Workopolis. Other factors that may cause an emotional slide include feelings of uncertainty, shame, or embarrassment, as well as the rejection that comes from failed attempts at landing a new position.Then theres the challenge of making ends meet when youre out of work. Even though a persons employment may have ended, their bills and everyday expen ses arent put on hold, says an article from Career Pivot. Dealing with paying bills, maintaining a roof over ones head, and putting food on the table can be a burden that weighs heavily on an individual during a period of unemployment. If they arent able to manage themselves financially, their feelings of self-worth may be severely diminished, leading to depression and anxiety, among other feelings.Considering all of this, its easy to see why some job hunters end up depressed. If you find yourself in this situation, consider seeking professional help. A few meetings with a counselor could provide valuable insights into your situation and tools to help you through it.In addition to counseling, here are a few other ideas to help you avoid or overcome the depression that may accompany a job search.Talk to people.As their job searches drag on and their feelings of embarrassment grow, some people withdraw from their social networks. However, you need those connections now mora than ever. Make a point of communicating with family members and trusted friends. Let them know how youre feeling. Keeping human contact and real communication in your life can help you find new emotional strength during a difficult time.Establish a new routine.If youre feeling powerless or like you suddenly have no control, getting organized and maintaining a routine might help. Make a daily to-do list related to your job search, outlining tasks the same way you did while you were employed. Keep a journal of your activities. Consider your hunt for employment to be your new job, and approach it with the same energy, using problem-solving skills youve developed at work. By taking control over the search, youll feel more in control of your life.Increase your networking.Unlike your friends and family members, youre probably not going to talk to people at networking events about your feelings of depression. However, just getting out there and talking to other professionals about your skills could provide a boost to your self-esteem and mood. Again, this is a time for more interaction and human contact, not less, so move out of your comfort zone and make those connections.Maintain positivity and balance.This advice comes from a CIO article, which says, Try and stay positive as much as possible and remember to maintain a good balance between work and life, just as you would with any other full-time job. Regular exercise, volunteer work, spending quality time with friends and family in addition to networking and making career connections can help keep your spirits up.Get moving.Dont underestimate the power of exercise. The endorphins released during exercise help to relieve stress and pump up a persons mood, says the Career Pivot article. So, when the feelings of stress or depression start to loom overhead, getting in some physical activity can help nip them from the start.Manage your triggers.You know what kinds of events are likely to lead to a darkening emotional state, so use that knowledge to help stave off depression. For example, maybe youre sent into a tailspin of uncertainty when you dont hear back right away after an interview, says an article from The Muse. The longer you experience the silence, the less motivation you have to continue your search- and you might even self-sabotage by canceling other interviews. If you can identify situations or people that trigger your frustration, you can anticipate your reaction and create emotional buffers to help you cope better. For instance, you could ask your interviewer directly when you can expect to hear back- which can lessen the impact of that trigger.Consider giving yourself a break.If you cant handle the thought of pushing through one more interview or reading yet another rejection email, maybe its time to take a few days off from your job search. Yes, you feel urgency to get a new job, but chances are youll do much better at the next interview if youre in a better mental state. Give yourself per mission to relax for a few days. Consider it a mini-vacation from your new job of job seeking.Take care of yourself and persevere.There really is a light at the end of the tunnel. Give yourself time, be patient, and practice meaningful self-care. Job searching is all about endurance and mental fortitude, says an article from Medium. Brush off the rejections and keep applyingAnd remember, you should always contact a professional counselor for help in dealing with your depression. Your mental health is vital to all parts of your life, and you shouldnt ignore it, even if you are worried about trying to find a job.Need some job search inspiration?BROWSE JOB SEARCH SUCCESS STORIES